A Modern Objet for Sound and Light

Bluetooth Speaker and Lights Inspired by the Planet 'Saturn'

Designer | Angie Kim, Heejae Choi

Contribution |100% – Ideation, Product Hardware Design, 3D Modeling, CMF Design, Model Making

Project Time | October to Dec of 2016

Material |Black Marble, Brass

Group Exhibition for Design Studio I -  'Phu-Hyu Design Exhibition' at Hongik University ​​​​​​​in 2017

Prometheus was the first one to bring fire to humanity In greek mythology. But there were a man who fiercely adored the Planet Saturn and decided to steal it. One day, he reached his arm far to hold Saturn and brought it home.

Adorned with thousands of beautiful ringlets, Saturn is known to be the most beautiful among the planets.Our source of Inspiration was its sculptural shape with glorious ring, movement and unique-looking surface.

" Beautiful, Calming and Therapeutic "

The brass ring lights up to provide a functional mood lighting, and moves in timing to your favorite music. Aside from providing high-quality audio streaming and stylish accent lighting on its rings, Saturn speaker brings your music into orbit. It features a spinning movement that captivates with motion. Depending on the music tempo, its centered ring will turn to the timing of your favorite tunes.

Users can manually turn on and off this device by touching its speaker top surface. They will get light notification once it's turned on. Furthermore, Users can use mobile application for detailed adjustment for this product.

Paired up with mobile device via Bluetooth, Users are able to modify the intensity and the color of the lighting depending on their mood.


Featured at - Yanko Design / Trendhunter / UltraLinx / Monomio / InfiniteNoon