Projected AR Home Assistant

Furniture-like Home Assistant with Space awareness

Designer | Angie Kim

Contribution |100% – Ideation, Product Hardware Design, Prototyping, 3D Modelling, CMF Design

Project Time | October to December of 2016, ver 2020

Material Material | Surlyn Plastic, Aluminium Anodizing, Maple Wood, Silicon Rubber, cloth

We crave being in a different place while we are in the same old place over years to come. We sometimes imagine having something interesting happening in front of us, hoping that magic will happen.

Rolly, AR Projected home assistant aware of space it belongs. It understands environment it is in, objects laid down. It projects visuals based on the object it understood. Therefore the communication with Rolly and users are more detailed and interactive.

User Scene⠀

This furniture-like look is designed on the contrary to conventional Home Assistant, which allows high-technology product seamlessly and naturally fitting in to home environment.

The structure of ball is magnetic, so It will give stable and smooth experience while rolling it to adjust projection angle. People can manually change angles by physical force or with natural language manipulation or by making use of the remote controller which is attached to its main body.

Also, the triangular legs are made of Aluminium and Maple Wood and combined in tenon joint, which is used in traditional korean woodworks. The more stable countenance is made as such.

Operated with multiple cameras, the main body is covered with kvdrat grey cloth. The main body sits in the Surlyn Plastic to amplify the sound and to be connected with the stand safely.

CMF Variation

Rolly consists of 4 different color concept. Each are named under Olympus god's persona in greek mythology which the color theme is coherently related with each different gods' characteristics.

"Demeter", a goddess of harvest and the fertility of the earth is represented grey soil and fresh Greenery color. "Aphrodite", a goddess of love, beauty and pleasure is represented with romantic violet color themes.

"Hermes", a god of trade, wealth and travel is colored with Pirate Black along with lively blue color. "Artemis", a goddess of Moon and hunt is wrapped with neutral grey with Crown Blue combination.