Odyssey is an augmented reality (AR) activity product and platform designed for kids. Kids can follow interesting storyline by listening to the product. They can explore outer world by finding hidden objects with AR display.

"How might we present reliable and exciting outdoor activities for kids in digital ages?"

Odyssey can create exciting and trustful outdoor activity contents for both children and their parents, forcing them out of Youtube videos from smartphone to become the main heroes in exciting AR adventures from Odyssey.

User Scenario

Kids can find hidden objects by listening to sound from Odyssey. Kids are only going to see the AR display when they reach hidden objects, Treasures, clues, traps or maybe nothing might be inside the boxes. They mainly listen to the sound for the rest of play, which prevents accidents caused by walking while they are obsessed with digital screen.


There are two dominant product-user interaction ; See through and listen to. We used seashell and telescope as our source of inspiration in designing details and overall shapes.

Kids can look through AR lens at the back of the device like they are using telescope to search hidden objects and enjoy adventure of Odyssey. The frontal part with gentle curves from seashell is made with Maple wood, letting kids’ ears to touch softly whenever they listen to storyline to find a hidden treasure.

It resembles beautiful curves of the natural objects. Overall shape comes from horn which is widely known as object with mystery and adventurous spirit. The frontal part which is inspired by seashell is where sound comes from and it's made of soft maple wood. This curved device is surrounded with hand strap, enabling kids to hold the product safely.

Clients who have bought this device can get a few free-of-charge game theme. A single game theme is composed of one coherent exciting story with various game objects, visual designs integrated. Kids can enjoy various story with Odyssey and guardians would like to buy a new fable story which kids can play along with.

Each colour concept was themed as the "Carribean Sea - deep sea", "beach sand" and "tropical toucan bird". 

Your Odyssey awaits


Designer | Angie Kim, Heejae Choi and Kyungtae Kim

Contribution |100% – Ideation, Product Hardware Design, 3D Modeling, CMF Design, Service Design

Project Time | 2017 Degree Show Project at Hongik University

Material |Abs Plastic, Maple Wood, Cloth strap

Awarded IDEA 2019 Bronze | A' Design Award 2019 Silver