Service and product for Physical ASMR which will reduce digital intervention and help user sleep better.

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"How might we help ASMR Users fall asleep with ASMR but without digital Intervention? "

According to research done by Poerio et al.(2018), "ASMR videos elicit tingling sensations and promote positive affect (calmness and excitement)."(p.13). Recently a lot of people chose to listen for sleep inducement. "It is likely to be characterized by a strong emotional response when sensory stimuli produce a distinct emotional profile."(p.3)


The main provider of ASMR is Youtube, naturally people experience several digital interventions including unwanted push alarms, message notification, sudden change of sound and sudden ads - all of which break the rhythm of ASMR. Also some people experienced slight headache and not feeling rested enough due to electronic waves.

User Archetypes

After interviewing multiple people, The main user were summed in three groups below. 01. People with depression or anxiety disorder. 02. The inquisitive explorer. 03. Digital Addicts



Picture taken by Angie Kim @2020





01. Poerio, G. L., Blakey, E., Hostler,T,J., Veltri,T., (2018). More than a feeling: Autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) is characterized by reliable changes in affect and physiology. PLoS ONE 13(6), 1-18.  e0196645.