Designer | Angie Kim

Contribution |100% – Ideation, Product Hardware Design, 3D Modelling, CMF Design, Pattern Design

Project Time | October to December of 2016

Material |Plastic, Carbon Fiber, Glass Fiber, Titanium

Industrial – Educational Collaboration |Hankook Carbon x Hongik University

Photographed by Angie Kim @Death Valley, CA, USA 2019

This project was educational-industrial collaboration between Hongik University and Hankook Carbon. We were tasked to design patterns with carbon fiber and glass fiber from Hankook Carbon which is the biggest carbon manufacturer in South Korea.

warf : weft = 10 : 30, left, right = 3mm

warf : carbon fiber(3mm), aramid (1mm), glass fiber (3mm), aramid (1mm)

weft : carbon fiber ( 3mm )

Pattern Design

This pattern simplifies sophisticated flowing curves found in desert valley. To give an impression of red-yellowish intense desert, I applied kevla tan color along the warp parts. There are size limitation of warf in producing real pattern design in carbon. So after numerous discussion with engineers, the final outcome came out as above.

Product Design Application

We were then tasked to develop product design which will be matching with the pattern that we've developed. As I designed pattern out of Desert, I thought it will be nice to connect with something dry so that this pattern will strengthen the functional image.

With Pyramid-like shape and curvy pattern Design, I aim to make classy and user-centered dehumidifier that suits various spaces.

Users can pour out the water from back. They can check how much water is filled up by the transparent line bar. They are also able to clean up and change the filter by taking the back part out.