Balancing IoT for Parkinson's disease Patients

Designer | Angie Kim

Contribution |100% - Ideation, Product Hardware Design, Ethnographic User Research, UI Design

Project Time | April to July of 2016

Material | Abs Plastic

Exhibition | HfG Schwaebisch Gmuend Summer Semester Austellung


In the first phases of Parkinsons’ disease, the lose of balance starts from one side of body. and when It gets worsen, It eventually lead to unbalance in both parts of body. To prohibit the processing of degenerative yet incurable disease, Patients should try to get balanced and exercise regularly in the early stage of their disease.

P'buddy helps preventing the processing of disease in many ways in a not revealing way.

" Balance your body, Balance your life "

01. Get Your Balance Checked

The wearable device will measures your balance status.

You can check your balance status in application.

Once your balance is severely impaired, the Iot will give you alarms both by vibration interaction and application

02. Retrieve Your Balance

It will show you proper exercises based on your balance status.

You can follow the videos and It will help you get your balance back

03. Share Your Feelings

Emotion of the patients are really vulnerable due to the hormone,

since this disease is in relation with hormone.

You can share your feelings,emotions, useful information with others and emapathize with them.

Small Clip-on Wearable for Sleeves

Wearables can be annoying sometimes when It's touching skin. I attempt to design it looking like a normal product because almost all products for parkinson’s disease was too invasive but the patients wanted to hide their disease.


This Process includes interview with real patients, deep user research based on AIEOU methods, video ethnography and Sketches. P'buddy was exhibitied in 'Summer Semester Austellung' in hfg Schwaebisch Gmuend in Germany