Narrative Design from Childhood Memory

Designer | Angie Kim

Contribution |100% - Ideation, Product Design, Illustration, Model Making with Silicone Mould

Project Time | Sep to October of 2018

Material | Resin

Class | ARTD 501, Industrial Design I at U of I


Pandora is a vase which is inspired from my childhood memory.

When I was little aged 3, My mom used to reward me with coloured paper whenever I behave.

One day, I found out where the coloured paper is hidden. I was stunned to find it and my emotion bursts with delights.

Pandora express the very emotion at the very moment in a mean of vase. It resembles the funky lip shape of happiness.

Affording a single flower in its hole, It means a coloured paper's possibility in creating beauty by the designer

(me-aged 3) might have had in creating something with infinite possibility of rectangle.