Ball-structured Furniture Projector

Designer | Angie Kim

Contribution |100% – Ideation, Product Hardware Design, Prototyping, 3D Modelling, CMF Design

Project Time | October to Dec of 2016

Material | Surlyn Plastic, Aluminium Anodizing, Carbon, Clear Plastic


This furniture-like Projector is designed on the contrary to conventional Projector Design, which might weaken your beautiful interior with technology-oriented design and which may not give full-satisfaction in your Home-Theather experience.


The structure of ball is magnetic, so It will give stable and smooth experience while rolling it to adjust angle.

Also, the triangular legs are made of Aluminium and Carbon Fiber and combined in tenon joint, which is used in traditional woodworks. Therefore the more stable countenance is made.

User Experience

I checked the height of this product and the position of hands in general. so they can roll it to wherever direction they want. When you lie down on the bed the projection will be up above the ceiling and when you are sitting down on the sofa the direction will be right in front of your eye.