Customized Contact Lens Machine

Designer | Angie Kim

Contribution |100% - Ideation, Product Hardware Design, 3D Modelling, CMF Design, UI Design

Project Time | Sep to Dec of 2018

Material | Abs Plastic, Steel - glass blasted, Glass Display.

Class | ARTD 501 Industrial Design



Contact lens has evolutionized to the point where it can detect diseases.

with the rise of Tele-medicine and development in Contact lens industry,

There needs an innovation in regular contact lens to make people live more convenient life.

Iris is a new way of consuming contact lens. It produces contact lens fit for users own vision and eye status measured.

It could costs less than just buying general contact lens via Iris’ subscription business model.

Also It could solve several problems with regard to wearing contact lens by making it totally customizable.


Problem Statement

Due to high costs of Medical services in America, Many people don't have proper medical service they're supposed to have. Among contact lens users, Some of them suffer from drastic dryness, don’t wear ofteneven if it’s prescribed by their doctor. People have varying vision even with each of their eyes, and some says It’s a bit difficult for to buy the right lens for each eye and wear it. Some of them fear to go to eye doctor in US because of its price, and rather chose to get prescription elsewhere other than US, and buy lens online.So, sometimes their lens are not perfectly fit for their eye because the prescriptions are outdated.

Also, they have to pair different lesn together since each eye might have different eye vision.


Service Blueprint


Consult Eye doctor who’s affiliated with this service or get an eye check-up gadget delivered to home


Set preference by answering using habits

(ex.curvature, dryness, frequency, time etc)


Set timer for their periodical contact lens that

they want to get them dispensed at specific time.

If you are sharing this machine with your family,

Select your profile to make your contact lens ready.


Application will give an alarm regarding their eye status. Users can give feedback regarding their lens usage and some changes that they want to have.


User Experience

On top of the machine is the place where users pour water. and It will be distilled.

So that It will be used to soak Silicon Hydrogel to act as contact lens.

Contact lens are dispensed in the drawer located on the bottom automatically.

It’s protected and remained safely and with an emphasis on hygiene.