The daily seepage of Keeping it fit and healthy

Dohealth aims to seep into users' daily routine and englarge their possibility of exercising. It offers navigation system added with extra workout service in their extra time in daily life. several platform including group exercising and competing is provided in its service.


There are 3 main reasons why people cannot exercise regularly. Firstly, We don't have enough time to do Work-out in our daily life. Secondly, We do consider exercising in a purpose of weight-losing and last, It is difficult to keep doing exercising by their own due to lack of will power. Dohealth aims to helps people do exercise habitually by removing those three factors that hinder exercising.

" The Daily Challenge to the Regular Fitness "

01. Different Way in your Daily Routine

It recommends different way to your destination by building database on your common routine. If your activity rate is low, It gives notification in recommended route section. You can set time, then It will recommend proper course for the time. So you can walk, run and ride bicycle in every different charming way.

02. Make Friends, Stay Fit

Killing two birds with one stone. Join sports club from local representing fitness society to new exciting clubs. Users can join a wide variety of fitness club. Also, You can build your own clubs with your friends and make a regular workout mornings.

03. Fitness Partner from far away

Users can search for fitness parter with similar goals and share their fitness-diary. They can set workout-goal together and achieve it by sharing workout,food diary and giving incentive to each other.


This Process includes interview with diverse people from various age generation. and deep user research based on AIEOU methods, video ethnography and User Journey mapping

Team Work

Project Time : 2015.09-12

Class : Service Design, Hongik University

Target Customer : Ministry of Health and Welfare to broaden its coverage