Desert Patterned Dehumidifier


Designer | Angie Kim

Contribution |100% – Ideation, Product Hardware Design, 3D Modelling, CMF Design, Pattern Design

Project Time | October to Dec of 2016

Material |Plastic, Carbon Fiber, Glass Fiber, Titanium

Industrial – Educational Collaboration |Hankook Carbon x Hongik University



Unlike typical dehumidifier, I tried to make strong functional image by borrowing some properties from desert such as dryness, intenseness. With Pyramid-like shape and curvy pattern Design, I aim to make classy and user-centered dehumidifier that suits various spaces.

warf : weft = 10 : 30, left, right = 3mm

warf : carbonfiber(3mm),aramid (1mm), glass fiber(3mm),aramid (1mm) / weft : carbon fiber ( 3mm )

Pattern Design

This pattern simplifies flowing curves found in desert valley. To give an impression of red-yellowish intense desert,

I applied kevla tan color along the warp parts. There are size limitation of warf in producing real pattern design in carbon. So I tried hard to fit it.

Product Design

Water tank can afford 50L, Users can see how much water is filled by the transparent bar behind. Handles and displays are in the upper side. So that Users can adjust the functions in their arm stretch, and carry it with ease.

CMF Design

I made three different CMF type to fit in various interior design. The White version with Glass Fiber pattern will go with neutral tone interior, which gives impression of neat and modern house. The Black version with Carbon Fiber pattern will fit in refined house decorated with extravagant interior.

Also, It matches well with wooden furniture decorations.


This Project is started as industrial-educational cooperation between Hankook Carbon and Hongik University.

The task was to design beautiful carbon pattern which can be produced and Product which will fit in with the carbon pattern. I changed the pattern design several time according to the request from production line, and weaved the pattern to test and refine them